Residential gate openers, using a wide variety of control capabilities, from radio remote controls, coded keypads, card readers, telephone entry control, and more, allow unmanned access by authorized personnel. Accessories, such as automatic reverse controls, vehicle detectors, and time delay gate openers complete the installation and provide safety and enhance security. We supply a complete range of gate opening and closing equipment to meet every need and will be glad to assist you in choosing and installing the right technology for your requirements.

Master Garage Door & Gates services a wide range of gate openers and we have come to know which products are consistently reliable and give you great return for your dollar. Call us today for a free inspection of your gate system (800) 313-3922. If you choose Master Garage Door & Gates in New York to repair your electric gate, you will get professional service by a trained and reliable gate technician, and high quality parts available in the automatic gate repair industry. You can rest easy knowing that for years to come, your electric driveway gate will operate smoothly & safely.

Controlling access to your property by individuals or vehicles is a crucial aspect of security. All products and measures for access control must prevent unauthorized access, control and direct vehicle traffic, and do so in a way that causes the least possible delay for authorized entry, while positively preventing entry by unauthorized individuals or vehicles. It must also be easy to use and not require undue manpower or maintenance. Selecting access management products, such as gate openers, for your particular facility is much simpler when you have a supplier that has extensive experience and can install these products properly and efficiently, at affordable prices.

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